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  • My Story

    A communications leader, writer, brand strategist, and an unwavering optimist dedicated to helping high-growth companies and high-profile individuals connect most creatively
    and effectively with their audiences.

    Hi, I’m Sherise.


    I have been a professional in the communications field for nearly 20 years and loved every part of the journey.


    Armed with a dream, passion, and ambition, I have cultivated a career that allows me to work with celebrities, executives, and top-performing companies as a trusted adviser.


    One of the things I’m often asked is, “How in the world did you get started?”


    The answer is that I followed my instincts.


    I thrive on communication, and I’m naturally curious about human nature.

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve been intrigued by the way we interact as human beings. I am fascinated with the way words, or the lack thereof can deeply influence outcomes of negotiations, connections, crises, and other interpersonal interactions. This curiosity led me to pursue an education that helped hone my own natural skills. Since then, I've had the opportunity to apply that learning in real-time across a variety of industries, including entertainment, fashion, sports, legal, academia, healthcare, and nonprofit. These experiences have not only sharpened my expertise, but because they have been so diverse, they have also shaped the ways in which I am able to devise, deploy, and lead successful communications strategies.


    Leveraging the most contemporary and trusted media tools, and working with some of the most recognizable companies in the world (O Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, the Los Angeles Times, and more), I have a proven track record in securing my clients the kind of brand engagement that ensures consumer loyalty. My contributions have resulted in increased profitability and revenue.


    Whether in my work or in my personal life, trust, integrity, professionalism, and inspiring those around me to be their very best are virtues to which I am entirely committed. Having recently relocated from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m very excited to bring my expertise to the right company.


    Outside of my business responsibilities, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, listening to all forms of music, investing in my health and wellness, mountain climbing, and meditating.


  • Companies I've Worked With

    Here are some of the companies I have had the honor of working with



    California State University-Fullerton

    Bachelor of Arts Communications/Ethnic Studies




    UCLA Extension Corporate Education & Custom Programs

    Certificate, Communications Management

  • Testimonials

    Don't take my word for it. See what others have to say:

    Pamela Snider ND

    Chief Culture Officer, Southern California University of Health Sciences


    I had the great fortune of working closely with Sherise as part of the leadership team at Southern California University of Health Sciences. She is an outstanding person to work with, very skilled and a great leader. She places a high value on high-quality outcomes, expressing healthy values, teamwork, humor and respectful collaboration in the workplace. She goes the extra mile and delights and inspires her colleagues along the way. Sherise embodies a unique combination of a very high level of expertise, strong delivery, innovation, creativity, compassion, impact, and efficiency. If Sherise undertakes something it is accomplished beautifully.

    Karen Richcreek

    COO, Atkinson-Baker


    It was my great pleasure to know and work with Sherise Bright as our VP PR and Marketing. Her first big project was the supervision of our new website. Her input and management of the designer was critical to getting a long and arduous project completed resulting in a beautiful website. She has consistently shown great care and ingenuity in her ideas and approach to PR and Marketing. She has been flexible and accommodating in shifting work priorities and has shown great care and concern for doing a great job.


    She has established and managed our social media.


    She has an unwavering positive attitude and brings out the best in those she works with.

    Nathan Fuja

    Head of Marketing, Bebe Stores


    I have known Sherise for close to 10 years; in that time I have seen her manage a myriad of projects with tact and elegance. Her work is thorough and thoughtful, which places the client in the best possible light. I appreciate her ability to lead disparate groups to function harmoniously. She is a natural talent and I am grateful to know her.

    Scott Gray

    Media Director, SCU


    Sherise is a brilliant communicator and a pleasure to work with. Whether it's print, video, social media or anything else, she has a fantastic ability to capture the personality, the style and the message of a project that delivers results that are on target and effective. Her attention to detail and pride in her work has played a significant role in bolstering the success and reputation of the university, her department, and major university events. She is humble, hard-working, kind, and intuitive; someone to be valued at the highest level.

    Vincent Mazzotta



    Sherise Bright was a valuable asset to our team. Working alongside our staff, Sherise excelled at helping to successfully rebrand and publicize the magazine in the following ways:

    —Facilitated the magazine in receiving widespread, national publicity.
    —Negotiated co-branding opportunities to leverage recognition and opportunities for the magazine by aligning us with major brands.
    —Oversaw and planned all magazine events.
    —Selected celebrity talent for both the cover and inside of the magazine.
    —Attended and oversaw events presence, press conferences, and photo shoot